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The Thermal Wizard is developed and maintained by MAYA Heat Transfer Technologies in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We hope you find it is a useful tool to help you understand common heat transfer problems and thermal phenomena. Although we try and test the tools to ensure quality, this tool is provided for your personal use. You must verify that the values calculated are accurate and suitable for your application. If you do find any problems, then please report them via our Feedback Form and we will investigate. MAYA will make changes, additions and deletions to the web site from time to time without any notification to users of The Thermal Wizard.

Contributors and thanks too...

  • Arnold Free, MAYA

  • Brent Webb, Intel Corporation

  • Charles Ratcliffe, MAYA

  • Daniel Potvin, Moovmento

  • Iftekhar Ahmed, MAYA

  • Jan Radtke, MAYA and Concordia University

  • Lynn Luu, MAYA and Concordia University

  • Marc Hamel, MAYA

  • Subramani (Raja) Rajaram, Lucent

  • and of course J.P.Holman, the author of Heat Transfer, available at your local engineering bookstore or order on-line from

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