This page calculates the temperature (T1) of one isothermal (constant temperature) cylinder based on conduction in an infinite medium to a second embedded cylinder at known temperature (T2). Heat (Q) is conducted from cylinder 1 to 2.

Define the radii of the cylinders, the length (both cylinders are assumed to have the same length), the temperature of one cylinder, the distance between the cylinders and the heat flow. This page will calculate their corresponding shape factor and the temperature of the embedded cylinder.

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Embedded Cylinders and Flow Conditions

Description Symbol Value Units
Cylinder 1 Radius R1 Meters
Cylinder 2 Radius R2 Meters
Cylinder Length L Meters
Cylinder 2 Temperature T2 oC
Distance d Meters
Heat Flow from Cylinder 1 to 2 Q W

Conducting Medium's Properties (Default is for Epoxy [high fill], Units in SI)

Description Symbol Value Units
Conductivity k W/(m-oC)

Results for two Isothermal Embedded Cylinders

Description Symbol Value Units
Conduction Shape Factor = 2*pi*L/cosh-1((d2-R12-R22)/(2*R1*R2)) sf None
Embedded Cylinder 1 Temperature = q/(k*sf)+T2 T1 oC

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