This page calculates the temperature Tn at one side of an isothermal (constant temperature) multilayer wall.

Define the height, depth, the low temperature on one side of the wall and a constant heat flow (from Tn to T1) through the wall. This page will calculate the higher temperature on the other side of the wall. The layers up to a zero value for Thickness or Conductivity will be included in the calculation.

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Multilayer Wall and Flow Conditions

Description Symbol Value Units
Height H Meters
Depth D Meters
Temperature 1 T1 oC
Heat Flow q W
Layer Sym Thickness
Sym Conductivity (W/m-oC)
Layer 1 t1 k1
Layer 2 t2 k2
Layer 3 t3 k3
Layer 4 t4 k4
Layer 5 t5 k5
Layer 6 t6 k6
Layer 7 t7 k7
Layer 8 t8 k8
Layer 9 t9 k9
Layer 10 t10 k10

Results for Isothermal Multilayer Wall

Description Symbol Value Units
Temperature N = Tn oC

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